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Innovative irrigation for
sustainable plant growth

The Savaq irrigation system

represents the new generation of capillary irrigation systems by Palmproject Europe. This system offers enhanced control over the conditions in the root zone, providing optimal moisture distribution along the entire irrigated stretch. Savaq® is an outstanding system designed for extended installations without the need for pressurization.

Advantages of Savaq System

The patented design ensures uniform moisture distribution, with the rate determined by the soil and plants. Savaq® technology is crafted to maximize water savings while meeting the vegetation’s specific requirements, surpassing the efficiency of conventional irrigation methods. Here are some key features:
Indoor Savaq irrigation system,

How it works

The versatile Savaq® City can be employed in various plant environments, both in the ground and in raised beds, suitable for summer and perennial plantings. Its simple assembly allows for quick installation, aided by a dedicated tool for easy connection. Savaq® City extension pipes can be easily cut to the desired length.

Utilizing the soil’s natural capillary force, Savaq® creates an optimal growth environment by absorbing and distributing moisture according to the soil’s capacity. Capillary force ensures that the soil retains moisture without drainage. The system establishes an artificial groundwater level at the root zone, irrigating without pressure over an extended period, while minimizing evaporation.

Savaq® is ideal for tree irrigation, even in conjunction with stormwater management. It is suitable for non-pressurized irrigation with lower-quality water. Smart solutions, such as debris traps for heavier particles, can be implemented for stormwater. Savaq® can serve as a flow limiter or be a major component in managing stormwater. Care should be taken to avoid winter-salted street runoff due to the risk of chlorine-based salt accumulation.

For sloping terrain, intermediate pipes can be ordered in shorter lengths, with a slope matrix providing suitable article numbers. The system can be adapted to local needs without length restrictions.

Specifications for Savaq® City 160

Savaq® City 160 Specifications

Water is transported through an absorbing and water-lifting special fabric, separated for each section. Water is retained in each section by an intermediate wall that reduces water flow, allowing for sloping installation. In case of damage to one section, the rest of the system remains unaffected and continues functioning.

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Börje Ohlin

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