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About Palmproject Europe

Palmproject Europe helps with everything from designing, planning, implementing, and managing atriums and winter gardens across the Nordic countries and Europe. With three seasoned experts—Jon Lans, Börje Ohlin, and Jørgen Lund—at the helm, the company boasts 30 years of invaluable experience in the industry. This extensive knowledge positions them as a reliable partner for a diverse range of green projects.

In Scandinavia, Palmproject Europe has been a part of both small and large-scale projects, contributing to the creation of captivating green spaces that blend with their surroundings. At Palmproject Europe we have a hands-on involvement in projects, and we have a clear presence from start to finish – and also in the maintenance phase of the project.

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Beyond stunning green spaces

At Palmproject Europe the focus extends beyond creating visually stunning green spaces; the team also addresses the complexities surrounding plant care in winter gardens. The combination of design flair, innovative irrigation solutions, and decades of experience has positioned Palmproject Europe as a go-to partner for those seeking not just aesthetically pleasing, but also sustainable and well-maintained atriums and winter gardens. The company’s track record and references underscore its commitment to transforming green aspirations into thriving realities.

Explore our success stories and examine the details of two remarkable projects that showcase our expertise. For a closer look at the transformative Krebsehusene project in Esbjerg, Denmark. This project exemplifies our accurate planning, plant selection, and design principles. Krebsehusene serves as a testament to the harmonious fusion of greenery, architectural excellence, and functional design.

Also learn more about our involvement in Bovieran projects. Bovieran, a visionary initiative in senior living, has witnessed our hands-on approach in designing and implementing lush, vibrant spaces for older adults. As an integral part of over 20 Bovieran projects, our commitment to creating optimal living environments is evident in every green corner.

Discover the essence of these projects through our detailed case studies, offering insights into our collaborative efforts, innovative solutions, and the results that define Palmproject Europe’s approach to green spaces.